Interior design

Smart bookcase styling

Forget alphabetical shelving or organizing books by color and create ultimate calmness by putting your books backwards. Still not a very practical way to organize books, but just like my own color-coded shelving here at home, aesthetically correct. Exactly how I like it. Surprisingly, by organizing these books backwards they (through my eyes at least) also instantly seem to turn into blank canvases […]


Copper crush

  My mom loves the fresh wind a change in the interior brings. That’s why I have seen her redecorating the house many many MANY times. She would get out all of the furniture, preferably change all sofa covers, and put everything back in a completely different setting, adding new colors and accents. I absolutely loved it! […]


Color popping

Thanks to my husband’s career I had the privilege to live in three different countries, which also gave me the opportunity to furnish three different homes, in three completely different styles. It really fascinates me how different cultures all have their own style and their own preferred color scheme if it comes to interior design. […]