Copper crush


My mom loves the fresh wind a change in the interior brings. That’s why I have seen her redecorating the house many many MANY times. She would get out all of the furniture, preferably change all sofa covers, and put everything back in a completely different setting, adding new colors and accents.

I absolutely loved it! It made me pretend having moved into a new exciting house or having arrived at a holiday rental, wanting to check out every room. It simply gave free course to my fantasy.

Every style, every color scheme does have its own charm and its own associations. I guess it explains why it is so hard for me to stick to one style, both in interior as in fashion. I have too much fantasy and there is too much to love out there!

This time a picture of a white interior with a copper accent led my thoughts to a sophisticated, stylish, Nordic apartment I could totally picture myself living in… : )

Copper seems to be taking over the place of chrome on the accessory market lately. Especially the slightly more pink and clear version. Not very surprising as this pretty colored material is adding a cool, sophisticated and very contemporary touch to your interior.

It will perfectly work if your starting point is a white interior. By exchanging the accent colored details with coppered ones you’ll immediately will form one whole. But it also works magically well with the color teal. Just try adding some teal cushions or vases and you’ll see that these colors are made for each other.

Color oriented as I am though, I decided to stick to some ‘neutral’ examples on how to integrate this fun trendy metallic in your interior. But if you would like to see what the combination of copper and teal can do, just leave me a comment and I’ll send it to you immediately.

copper crush - by Myra Madeleine

Would love to know what you think of this trend!

With love,

Myra Madeleine | chasing the sweet things in life

3 reacties

    1. Barbara Perquin

      I like it best when copper oxidizes and becomes this beautiful green. Just like your mom I crave change at times. So I moved the furniture around in our bedroom. It geels like we have been sleeping in a hotel lately 😉 And now that I cut my hair, I feel like a different woman…
      Xx, Bar


      1. myramadeleine

        My hair is the only thing I never ever change but how cool it must be to feel someone different for a little indeed!! This might just have been the push I needed : ) Thanks Bar. xx


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