Thanks for visiting my website…and if browsing around has inspired you in one way or another, you just made my day!

Would you like to ask me something, or just share what’s on your mind? Don’t hesitate to shoot me a message in English or Dutch:

Would love to hear from you.

And in case you are a brand, a company or a (online/offline) magazine, and you would like to find out if we could possibly work together, give me a call or leave me a message.

As a freelance reporter with a big interest in travel, food and human interest journalism (but actually with a heart for all things beautiful!) I am open to all kind of editorial assignments in the Netherlands or abroad.

I also have a strong interest in social media . In creating communities and connecting people. Therefor I am currently helping companies, who would like to use online leaders (influencers) to drive their brand’s message to the larger market. Would love to discuss many possibilities for your brand!

(Moreover…hiring me for a combination of both is even better)

With love,

Myra Madeleine


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