Black and white interior

black and white interiors - by Myra Madeleine


As I have been searching for inspiration for my BFF who recently moved to Canada, I have so many nice interior ideas to share with you today!

You have to know that my sweet and dear friend has an impeccable taste. The way she can style and decorate is absolutely unsurpassable! It even makes me want to shoot pictures of her house every time I am with her as everything is so well-thought-out and in balance.

She loves clean lines, bright colors, and contemporary designs against a neutral crisp white backdrop which makes her home look bigger and airier and it also provides a clean canvas for showcasing other elements.

Anyhow, she does not need my help and advice but we both loved searching for ideas to make her new house, her new home. Especially because this time she faced the challenge of decorating her house, having eye catching dark wood built ins that she won’t be allowed to paint.

This is what we came up with….the inspiring interior designs you’ll see, are a perfect reflection of her taste but with a little warmth added.

Cannot wait to see the final result when we will visit them in November.

Wishing you al a great weekend!


black and white interior




black and white interior

Black and white interiors

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