nude - by Myra Madeleine

Top of mind today is my best friend from Norway, who I met here in Houston and who moved back to Stavanger last summer. Top of mind as she will turn 40 shortly and I am already thinking of the perfect gift for her! You have to know she has given me the best present EVER when I turned 40, by being present at a big surprise party my sweet friends organized for me in Holland last October.

Today it’s my turn to think of something special. Something she will always remember….

Her favorite color is a good starting point. Whenever I think of her I think of light pastel colors. The color palette she loves so much. All Scandinavians seem to share a passion for soft colors actually.

I guess that’s because they have such long dark winters, followed by short temperate springs and summers.

I do know how long winters influence people’s moods so by choosing soft pastel colors they seem to treasure every second of daylight!

To credit the source of the beautiful pictures I have used, I refer to my ‘link with love’ * c o l o r f u l * m o o d *  board on Pinterest. Hope to meet you there!


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