Peacock colors

Already as a child I was intrigued and attracted by the way my mom sorted her clothes in her closet. Color coordinated as she is, she sorts her wardrobe by color family, going from dark colors to light. Color grouping not only makes it easier for her to coordinate outfits, because visually she can mix and match easier […]


Get the look

I completely fell in love with the new Ti Sento Portofino collection and combined it with the great Zara summer look. Ti Sento celebrates life with the Portofino collection inspired by “La Dolce Vita” with the beautiful scenery of the Mediterranean. Pastel pink and caramel create the lush, luxury of this collection. If you pair it with some […]



Capture that barefoot-on-the-beach feeling — and a record of your feet– with this simple plaster-casting project. 1 Choose a site to cast your molds — the moist, hard-packed sand near the water’s edge works best. 2 Firmly press both feet into the sand. The prints should be about 1/2inch to 2 inches deep. (If your […]