Ways to wear ripped jeans

ripped jeans | Myra Madeleine

If you are looking for outfit ideas that are totally stylish, yet highly comfortable, the ripped jeans trend might be something for you.

Distressed, perfectly torn denim seems to have turned into a testament of effortless style these days!

Even though I am pretty sure I would get in big trouble with my 10 year old daughter, wearing this, I do like the fact that you can make a real fashion statement wearing them. And it’s so easy to either dress them up or dress them down that they make a perfect fashionable basic.

Combine your pair of baggy ripped denim with a slightly oversized blouse (or a solid tee) and sneakers for a comfortable casual look. Or wear your torn denim with a sleek blazer, strappy sandals and a classy clutch to dress them up. It’s pretty easy to give these jeans a feminine touch.

In my post powder blue color crush you’ll find another great example that works, combined with an oversized coat.

I am actually pretty curious what you guys think of this trend!

With love,

Myra Madeleine | chasing the sweet things in life
ripped jeans | Myra Madeleine
ripped jeans | Myra Madeleine
ripped jeans | Myra Madeleine
ripped jeans | Myra Madeleine

6 reacties

  1. Bar

    In mijn studententijd veel gedragen (met zo’n scheur onder mijn bil en dan de boxer van mijn vriendje eronder…) Nu laat ik het maar aan mijn dertien-jarige dochter over. Gelukkig heeft die alleen scheuren bij de knieen en geen vriendje met boxers 😉

    Xx, Bar


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