Smart bookcase styling

Forget alphabetical shelving or organizing books by color and create ultimate calmness by putting your books backwards. Still not a very practical way to organize books, but just like my own color-coded shelving here at home, aesthetically correct. Exactly how I like it. Surprisingly, by organizing these books backwards they (through my eyes at least) also instantly seem to turn into blank canvases […]


Ochre Gold

After being off the radar for a couple of months, due to our international move back home, I am finally behind my desk again to start sharing new blogs with you…all inspired by the European styles and trends that I am surrounded with here, in both the fashion,- and interior worlds! So to start of the new series […]


The IT-sneaker

The Stan Smiths, or Adidas sneakers in general, absolutely are the IT-sneakers this season. That’s why I have collected some great fashion forward ideas to style your iconic low top Adidas sneakers this summer. These trainers simply are perfect to dress down your classic look or complete your casual look. They create a sporty chic […]