Skinny jeans and heels

Skinny jeans and heels | Myra MadeleineLooking for an easy and sleek way to dress up your pair of skinny jeans, definitely go for a blazer and some pointy-toed pumps or boots. Even though you have so many different kind of shoes you can wear with skinny jeans, all pulling off a very different vibe, high heels remain my all time favorite.

Combined with a sharp blazer and a casual tee you easily create a trendy and very flattering outfit. The good thing about blazers! They instantly change the tone of your outfit from super casual to casual-chic.

If you like my fashion-sense ‘dress-well-but-keep-it-simple’, come see me on Pinterest by following this link * h e * y o u * b e a u t i f u l * where you will find more similar outfits to inspire you.

Happy easter!

With love,

Myra Madeleine | chasing the sweet things in life

Skinny jeans and heels | Myra Madeleine
Skinny jeans and heels | Myra Madeleine
Skinny jeans and heels | Myra Madeleine

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