Frayed demim

You know those days, when you look at your carefree little son, wearing worn-out jeans, with holes around both knees, twisted hems and a sweater with stains that cannot be washed out anymore?  Those days that you really worry if he will ever learn how to dress sharp?

Not only doesn’t he care, he actually has no idea if an outfit is fashionable or even if it matches at all. As long as he is covered up and can move freely he is completely OK…

And you know what? When I was looking for some Spring look inspiration, I all off a sudden realized, it’s definitely not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.

This Spring there is frayed denim everywhere and ripped jeans have been a trend for as long as I remember…

I love my little fashion boy!

With love,

Myra Madeleine | chasing the sweet things in life

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