We have missed you


Warm sunshine and gentle breezes, we have missed you!

1. Where fair trade meets design: Fair trade Original and Piet Hein Eek came with these gorgeous ultra thin ceramic set of dishes DIK made by Thai and Vietnamese craftsmen: http://www.pietheineek.nl

2. Complete ‘peace of mind’ with this fully handmade Zilalila nest bean bag and cushion. All Zilalila products are made with love by (and with lots of respect for) Nepali women. A win win!

3. Don’t wait for the sun but bring in your own warm sunshine with Muuto E27 pendant lamps, available in different pastel colors.

4. And last but not least, finish your day between these linen IKEA Linbromma sheets!

With love,

Myra Madeleine | chasing the sweet things in life

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