A sweet delivery #giveaway

a sweet delivery #giveaway #candy - by Myra Madeleine
photo credit Inanda Rovers

Friday’s are sweet, and this Valentines Friday especially, as I just received a delicious mini candy store in a beautiful, super stylish package for Valentines day. With my tagline being * chasing * the * sweet * things * in * life * it absolutely was love at first sight!

I got it from the Chicago based company, A Sweet Delivery that offers the finest candies and chocolates, delivered straight to your door. All packaged in elegant gift boxes with fashionable, color-coordinated interiors. Just the way a gift should be and they make such a welcome alternative to gift baskets and flowers.

I know what a big smile it put on my face when I received this delicious (eye) candy, so I am pretty excited to share with you that A Sweet Delivery let us give away two of these elegant stylish candy gift boxes in gold. It will make you feel like a kid in (your own) candy store with 9 flavors to choose from. And you know the best part? You don’t have to choose! You can simply have them all!

Entering is super easy, just like the A Sweet Delivery Facebook page by clicking the Rafflecopter link below or ‘like’ this post with the like button and you’ll know soon enough if you are the lucky winner. Entries will be accepted till February 22nd.

…You’d better start thinking whether you choose to let us send your price to that ‘special someone’ or if you keep it all to yourself. I would not blame you!!

Happy Valentines

Very sweetly,

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Myra Madeleine | chasing the sweet things in life
a sweet delivery #giveaway #candy - by Myra Madeleine
a sweet delivery #giveaway #candy - by Myra Madeleine
a sweet delivery #giveaway #candy - by Myra Madeleine
photo credit Inanda Rovers

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