How to mix prints – part 1

how to mix prints - by Myra MadeleineBold, clashing prints have been out there for quite some time now, but even though it always seems so easy to ‘just’ put two clashing patterns together not all combinations work and you might actually need to build up some courage to wear it yourself…

As so many of you liked my post Fall Trend 2013: leopard print , and like Jenna Lyons used to say  ‘as far as I am concerned, leopard is a neutral’, I decided to start with the leopard print as a safe starting point for my search and start small.

The combination of the timeless leopard print with plaid and/or camouflage green as found on one of my favorite websites ( is by far my favorite. Elegant, trendy, and well balanced out. A great way to get ready for mixing floral prints, photo prints or graphic statement prints in Spring as lots of new clashing prints are already awaiting us!

With love

how to mix prints - by Myra Madeleine

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