Trendy box clutch bags for the holidays

Trendy box clutch bags for the holidays - by Myra MadeleineAlexander McQueen has always been the one bringing some drama to the catwalk and that’s exactly what has defined its brand’s identity. I might be wrong but I think they even are the ones, to be credited for the skulls and knuckle dusters that pop up in all high street stores.

A trend not appreciated by everyone like one of my sweet fashionable friends keeps telling me: ‘I still don’t know Myr (that’s how she calls me), what to think about those skulls…!’

I guess I must have this rock chick side in me that is always drawn to a little bit of drama and rebellion as I absolutely adore the Alexander McQueen clutches.

But, as always, you need occasions to wear them and being realistic, I won’t have any parties coming up, where I could proudly take it to, nor do I have the money to spend on this fabulous Swarovski crystal-studded leather box clutch.

So…I found us some great, affordable and trendy box clutches in (safe) black and gold that would definitely make you look good on any occasion.

If you click on the links below you will be directed to the webshops where I found them.

1. Mango 2. Lanvin 3. Alexander McQueen 4. Mango 5. Zara 6. Aldo

Happy Shopping!

With love


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