Oversized coat trend

oversize coat trend - by Myra Madeleine

I certainly am a fan of a form-fitting wardrobe but do nevertheless love this Fall’s oversized coat trend. It needs to be done right though, as coats for this fall and winter are drastically oversized with strong shoulders and don’t just flatter everyone.

The challenge for petites like myself definitely is to elongate and pick a fabric that is not too colossal. I therefore would pick a neutral colored coat that I could combine with skin tight jeans and sensational high heels or choose one with a semi fitted cut or belt around the waist to accomplish my own high-fashion look this Fall.

I already made my affordable choice a couple of days ago  with in the back of my mind this little voice that keeps telling me I could better go for a down feathered jacket instead, with our trip to Canada quickly approaching…

Heart versus mind. Not hard to tell who will win…I will be cold in Canada!

With love

oversized boats - by Myra Madeleine
oversized coats - by Myra Madeleine
oversized coats - by Myra Madeleine

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