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By coincidence I walked into this great lifestyle store Pretty4u in my home town Etten-Leur (Holland), where I will stay the next few weeks to see family and friends before returning to Houston in the US.

You just got to love this store! It absolutely shows in every detail that the owner has a big heart (and very good eye!) for trendy feminine fashion and lifestyle products. A one stop shop where you will find a complete outfit including the right accessories. I could easily spend hours trying on dresses, shoes and jewelry! Even talking to Colinda makes you happy as her passion for fashion and interior is absolutely contagious.

Check out her web shop to get an idea of the choices she offers.

For this collage I chose the collection of TomTom Ibiza, snake skin leather heels from Supertrash and the ever lovely jewelry from Reminiscence Paris.

I used to live in Brussels where Reminiscence Paris was my favorite store to get statement earrings, fashionable necklaces and colorful bracelets. Having this brand all of a sudden showing up again brought back good memories and a new wish list….


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