Stacking bracelets

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1. Hermes MM watch 2. Michael Kors large Selma clutch 3. Hermes clic-clac narrow bracelet 4. Hermes Hapi 3MM leather wrap bracelets 5. Hermes Kelly lock bracelet in grey and gold

Whether you wear them as part of a stack of bracelets, or wear it alone, it will surely be noticed.

With Hermes bracelets you cannot but create a great arm party! That’s why I am a big fan of Hermes, the absolute Ultimate in luxury wrist gear. No matter how you mix and match sizes, colors and widths, it will always look great together. Easy as that…

These black and white bracelets combined with this great Michael Kors clutch certainly already create a look to die for but by simply adding an orange or a yellow one you will be summer ready.

And for those who don’t have the budget (like myself) there are some good alternatives to work with to get the same look. I would love to give you some suggestions if you are interested!

Just let me know…


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