Peacock colors

Page1Already as a child I was intrigued and attracted by the way my mom sorted her clothes in her closet. Color coordinated as she is, she sorts her wardrobe by color family, going from dark colors to light. Color grouping not only makes it easier for her to coordinate outfits, because visually she can mix and match easier but it also is definitely pleasing to the eye!

Even though my closet is WAY less organized as I always seem to be in a rush finding a nice outfit and putting back my clothes, I know I inherited her love for colors. Just like my 2 sisters and my oldest daughter (9) who recently made me smile when she proudly showed me her color coordinated  closet without knowing that her grandma and her aunt are doing exactly the same…

The peacock colors being the favorite colors of her aunt made me decide to start this new category ‘color inspiration’ on my blog with her favorites and more color families to follow. For me these peacock colors represent pride, self-confidence and beauty. Just like she is, beautiful and strong!



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  1. Blanca

    wow… how special is this? Even my daughter of 4 does this or has it! Every night before going to bed she finds herself the perfectly matched outfit: ton-sur-ton. Then she says, tomorrow will be a lovely green day or a burgundy, teal or beige…


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