1st Holy Communion Invitations


Their First Communion is a special religious event in our children’s life, as it is the first reception of the sacrament in our Catholic religion. Being both raised in the Catholic tradition, we wanted our kids to get the chance to explore how they feel about Catholicism so they will be able to make their own decision later in life. Especially because religion can be inspiring in general, adds to their general knowledge and it doesn’t seem to play a big role anymore in everyday life in Europe.

As kids are so innocent and pure when they start their journey I wanted the invitation to reflect this serenity and purity. That’s why I chose whites and soft natural colors to create them.

DSC_1392 bewerkt voor 2e keer

Heilige Communie COLLAGE

* Love Dove Tibetan Antique Silver Bird of Peace and Love Charms 19mm x 16mm, Etsy

* Lace tape and cards, Papersource

* White Lace Party Favor Gift Bags Satin Ties 4×4, Etsy


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