The color of love

tiffanyThe other day the delivery guy came by to drop off one of my online purchases. I saw him coming and was immediately attracted by the color of the box he was holding… undeniably a ‘Tiffany blue’ box.

For those lucky enough to have received a gift from Tiffany’s (the American premier luxury jeweler, opening in Amsterdam this summer), it is very likely that upon catching sight of the Tiffany blue color, you felt your heart rate increase of even skip a beat.

There is no escaping color!

There I was, amazed by the excitement I felt, misled by a color, for a split second expecting an exquisitely beautiful gift (my husband would call it ‘a very active imagination’), only to find out that a Dutch company is using a similar color for their packaging.

Who said red is the color of love?

With love,

Myra Madeleine | chasing the sweet things in life

tiffany 2tiffany 1


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