Catch the breeze

Pleats apparently have gotten a high fashion treatment, from being dressed up to dressed down and all in between. Once you start seeing it, they show up everywhere!

But how do you pull them off in a flattering way?

I guess as long as you keep the silhouette as clean as possible, chose a fluid fabric and pay attention to the hem length, you cannot go wrong.

Personally I like the short pleated skirts best but those will probably only work when you are young and are blessed with beautiful legs…

If you don’t have killer legs or are slightly older, you better go with a flowy fabric, -on, or just below the knee- and you will see you will instantly create a very sophisticated look. Pair it with a simple T-shirt or top, long sweater of slightly oversized blazer and you are ready to catch the breeze…

With love,

Myra Madeleine | chasing the sweet things in life

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