Inspiration from Belgium

inspiration from Belgium | Myra Madeleine

These beautiful ceramics absolutely make the Belgian part of my heart beat a little faster. Delicious food simply deserves a beautifully decorated table with gorgeous tableware and this ‘Pure’ tableware, designed by Pascale Naessens, certainly is.

Last week, we had special guests from Antwerp (my sweet Belgian cousins), who came to Houston with an inspiration overload!

They brought us a beautiful box with 4 bowls that immediately asked for delicious food, for the matching cups and plates (oops) …and a blog post.

As the organic lines, the natural materials and warm colors remind me of Fall, my favorite season, I combined them with crisp, rich colored, autumn leaves.

The bowls immediately made me think of relaxed evenings after a long walk, sharing delicious food and great wines with friends, cozying up to a flickering fire.

Time to start looking for great recipes in Pascale’s cookbook ‘Puur eten dat je gelukkig maakt (translated: pure food that makes you happy)’ that is luckily also available in the US (click this link to find out where you can find it) I just found out.

Do more of what makes you happy. Eat more of what makes you smile!

With love,

Myra Madeleine | chasing the sweet things in life

Inspiration from Belgium | Myra Madeleine

inspiration from Belgium | Myra Madeleine

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