WIT – Wine in tubes

WIT - wine in tubes | Myra Madeleine

I absolutely love this innovative idea of making premium wines available by the glass. It not only gives you the opportunity to drink pricey, exclusive wines without having to buy a bottle, but it also brings something completely new to the table.

The cool glass tubes contain exactly one glass of premium wine each, and offer so many new possibilities on how to serve them. I know the innovative company itself, WIT – wine in tubes (check the link to find out more about WIT), offers a special ice bag for their tubes as well as beautiful silver and transparent displays to make the tubes the eye catcher on every table, but I decided to find ways to serve them with what I could find at home.

For this post I chose small high glasses but I have also used a lower glass tank filled with fine black decorative sand where I could stick in the tubes and a traditional cooler with ice cubes.

They always turn out to be a nice conversation starter as it is such an original sampling concept. Maybe a good idea in time of festive season to keep these good looking, exclusive wine tubes in mind! They will absolutely make a perfect gift for your clients, friends or loved ones. You’ll see they offer a wide variety of cool gift ideas!


With love,

Myra Madeleine | chasing the sweet things in life

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  1. bybar


    Ik heb nog een nieuw onderwerp voor je. Een armband met coordinaten uit LA. Helemaal hip volgens Thijs zijn clubgenoot, Menno, die hierin investeert.

    Help me even herinneren dat we het erover hebben en als je het leuk vindt breng ik jullie in contact met elkaar.

    Ik vertelde hem over jou blog en alle pinterest volgers.

    Liefs Bar



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