Black manicures

black manicures| Myra MadeleineThe abundant source of manicurists here in the US make manicures and pedicures very affordable. There is literally a nail salon on every corner! No need to make an appointment and even if you only have half an hour in your schedule, they’ll make sure you walk out with perfectly manicured nails. Something I am definitely gonna miss when moving back to Europe!

All these salons do not only offer a wide range of colors but also an incredible range of nail art and nail embellishments. Personally I still prefer either the classic French manicure or a completely black manicure (both simple yet sophisticated) and always avoid their friendly suggested extra options.

Last week though, I took my daughter to the nail salon and she walked out of the salon with beautifully decorated nails and was over the moon! It made me decide to search for classy options for myself, to add just that little extra to a basic manicure, while staying true to my own taste.

I found ombre manicures, starting with black fading out in taupe that I really love (click this link to see), or nude nails with glossy black tips (click this link to see) as a great alternative to a regular manicure. And I both love the so called Tuxedo nails (black matte manicure with glossy tips) as shown below and the glossy black nails with the little delicate gold lining.

Next visit to the nail salon I definitely have to bring these pictures and schedule a bit more time!

…the downside of having extra done because it’s true what they say: the only time a women is helpless is when her nail polish is drying!

With love,

Myra Madeleine | chasing the sweet things in life

black manicures | Myra Madeleine
black manicures | Myra Madeleine

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