Fashion meets fitness

fashion meets fitness | Myra MadeleineI was happily surprised when one of my friends in Houston posted a little picture of this gorgeous fashion forward bracelet last week, designed by Tory Burch exclusively for Fitbit Flex.

I have been thinking about getting myself a Fitbit for quite a while now, as measuring my running and dancing activities seem to work very motivational for me, to actually get out, be more active and even surprise myself. And this little smart bracelet not only measures your steps taken, but also your distance traveled, calories burned, active minutes, hours slept, even the quality of your sleep and it helps you reach your fitness goals.

The reason I don’t have one yet is because the design of the Fitbit Flex did not appeal to me. It felt like a rather male design to me, even though they come in every single color. That’s why I even mentioned the Fitbit Flex in my blogpost ‘gift guide for dads‘ as a perfect gift for him.

But now I don’t have no more excuses!

I love the stylish, female design of the bracelet that is designed to hold the Fitbit Flex. Fashion definitely meets fitness with this solid brass Tory Burch bracelet.

And I guess running in those Delancy printed Tory Burch sneakers would work very motivational for me as well…. ; )

With love,

Myra Madeleine | chasing the sweet things in life

fashion meets fitness | Myra Madeleine


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