Fried chicken and champagne?…why the hell not?!

fried chicken and champagne?...why the hell not?! | Myra Madeleine

A five year flashback when I saw this picture, that brought me right back to a moment in time that taught me something interesting about the diversity of cultural perspectives…

We would meet at E’s house, who only lives two blocks away from me. There we would all four, take her car and have dinner at Max’s Wine Dive, an all American restaurant and wine bar in Houston for a so-called ‘mom’s night out’.

Only been living in Houston for a couple of months at the time, I was excited to have been invited for dinner by my new American friends and curiously checked out the restaurant’s website…Fried chicken and champagne?…why the hell not?!

Why the hell not?? Really??

Because, even though Champagne is becoming increasingly popular, –where I come from-, Champagne still kind of stands for exclusivity, for tasteful elegance, for decadence even!! You guys know, right, that only a limited number of these bottles is produced yearly? That’s why you don’t pair it with….just any food and especially not comfort food!!

I quickly got dressed, put on my heels, and some make up, jumped on my bike and hurried to E’s house. I parked my bike and joined my friends in the car, smiling from ear to ear. I simply could not wait to order a big burger AND a bottle of Champagne. My treat! : )

My friends smiled, obviously not completely sharing my amusement, but they did pose politely while I was taking pictures to record this ultimate American experience.

The evening turns out just perfect off course just like they state on their website: ‘it only takes one visit and you’ll fit right in!’. What’s not to love about this unique concept where you can combine top-notch wines and Champagnes with gourmet comfort food as they call it? That evening they got themselves a new fan as Champagne turns out to pair unexpectedly well with my burger!

Once back home, E parks her car and I unlock my bike to head home but… just when I am about to jump on my bike, E asks me, all giggles, to wait for a sec and hurries inside….and comes back with her camera!

‘Myra, one picture!’

Who me?

Puzzled I look down, while I hear my American friends laughing their heads off…

‘Girls!! Seriously?? Heels and wheels? …why the hell not?!’

With love,

Myra Madeleine | chasing the sweet things in life


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