Summer outfit

summer outfit | Myra Madeleine
1. Zara fruit print blouse | trendy fruit print in green and white 2. Stella McCartney espadrilles | crafted from mesh and faux-leather 3. Victoria Beckham small lizard leather clutch | effortlessly chic in black and white 4. Lanvin resin bracelet | foil-like, resin covered statement bracelet 5. Warby Parker Quimby Absinthe sunnies | a head turner 6. Victoria Beckham boyfriend denim shorts | crisp white

As promised earlier this week, one more ultimate summer outfit to match my second favorite from the five sunglasses I received to try on at home: the  Quimby Absinthe sunglasses by Warby Parker!

Wishing you all a sun filled day.

With love,

Myra Madeleine | chasing the sweet things in life



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