Ways to wear heeled ‘over-the-knee’ boots

ways to wear over the knee boots

Just like the cute ankle booties I blogged about earlier (see: ways to wear ankle booties) other shoewear hard to ignore this winter are the knee high boots.

Sadly enough though, these boots are best left for women who have long and slender legs, which I am unfortunately not gifted with. That’s what made me look for ‘heeled’ options: for all the ones facing the same challenge but loving the look!

One pair of these over the knee heeled boots can transform a simple skinny jean outfit into a sexy casual look but will also make you irresistible when pairing it with a ultra short (knitted) dress, cute shorts or skirts.

By clicking on the two pictures below you will be get directed to my * h e * y o u * b e a u t i f u l * board on Pinterest where you will find all the sources I used.

Hope to see you there!

With love,

ways to wear over the knee boots - by Myra Madeleine
ways to wear over the knee boots - by Myra Madeleine

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