Tie a shirt around your waist

tie a shirt around your waist

Here is a super easy way to channel the ‘90s trend that’s back in action … simply tie a plaid shirt around your waist! A fantastic way to relax any fancy outfit and rock this cool trend.

Key to getting this right though, is looking for an oversized button down shirt as it should hang all the way down, around your knee area. Tie it low around your hips as a shirt around your actual waist, especially when you pick a flannel one, will add a lot of unnecessary bulk.

Pair them with ripped jeans, leather miniskirts or denim shorts and finish it with a pair of converse trainers and you are good to go!

Want to see another nice example on how to wear this? By clicking on this link you’ll see one more great way that works! Or check out my * h e * y o u * b e a u t i f u l * board on Pinterest for other fall fashion inspiration.

Meet you there!

With love


plaid shirt around your waist
plaid shirt around your waist

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