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Make your own magic - by Myra Madeleine

I am thankful that 15 years ago not only the love of my life walked into my life but that with him also walked in a new friend for life…my dear friend Femke.

Being my husband’s best friend’s wife it was obvious that our paths would cross, but less obvious it is to find a true connection and that’s exactly how it feels!

Back in the days she already touched me with her phenomenal piano play as if every note she played brought a silent message to the soul. To find out that the depth in her play, she also has in her interaction with people only reinforced my love and respect for her.

We both moved abroad, knowing there would be challenging times ahead, knowing that we both were badly needed to help the family make a home in a foreign location without the aid of a traditional support network. Both having left our jobs, finding ourselves dependent on our husbands financially, emotionally and socially. Without the career, friendships, family and hobbies that had previously formed the core of our self-identity.

We learned along the way that it is challenging but refreshing at the same time, as meeting different people, being thrown back onto yourself is inspirational. It not only increases your self-knowledge about it also brings out interests, passions and talents that would probably not ever have come out if you would have stayed in your safe environment.

And so it happened that dear Femke found a new way of expressing her creativity!

Today she will come all the way to Houston to bring us one of her last paintings. A painting I immediately fell in love with as to me it symbolizes the struggle of finding yourself in a foreign country but at the same time the huge empowerment an adventure like this can give you.

We have always said…despite all the complaints, one day we will thank our husbands for taking us out of our comfort zone!


Curious which painting we chose? If you click here you’ll find out!

With love

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  1. femke

    Dear dear dearest Myra,

    Despite recovering from my jetlag, I really need and terribly want to write you back NOW…;-)
    I hope I can find the right words (in english ;-)) to express my emotions about your heartwarming words….
    What you’ve said is exactly how I feel about our friendship. I still can remember the day we first met, walking along The Seine in Paris. Like the special connection between our husbands, there was no doubt: there immediately appeared special chemistry between us too. Chemistry which is still growing every time we come in contact with eachother. The fact that our friendship was accelerating even more just when we were more seperated physically, is really significant…. Consequently, I hardly can express how honoured I am and how special it is for me, that my painting now is staying in your midst. And how beautiful it is, the symbolic meaning you referred to it….I’m incredibly touched by it….
    So now it’s my turn…;-)……
    Dear, dearest Myra… I never met a woman who is such a powerful as well as a heartwarming woman at the same time like you do. The power always to make the best of it, the power to see a new environment as a challange, the power to start up new ways to express yourself…and so there inevitably appeares (just!) one of YOUR talents…: writing!! Writing… because you’re gifted to touch people emotionally by opening your heart, by finding the right words and by having the courage to express it too!…
    So, like my mother said to me after reading your touching words on your blogg: ´this is friendship for life, she really really wrote with all of her heart…´
    And so it is, Myra….I know for sure…like how our friendship started years ago; ….your highly promising talents, will inevitably unfold more and more…..hard to believe, but I know this is just the beginning!…
    Thank you dear Myra, being your friend and thank you, dear husbands ;-)!….


  2. blanca van den brand

    even in een persoonlijk berichtje. zus ik vind het weer zoooo uniek… ik heb op mijn nieuwe website gewoon weer percies dezelfde beelden gebruik. Dit is echt te bizar voor woorden!!! vreemd toch? wel prachtig beeld overigens heb je gecreerd en wat een lofzang. heel mooi en zoet. een ode aan de vriendschap!

    Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2013 15:46:27 +0000 To: blancheblanca@hotmail.com


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