Capture that barefoot-on-the-beach feeling — and a record of your feet– with this simple plaster-casting project.

Choose a site to cast your molds — the moist, hard-packed sand near the water’s edge works best.

Firmly press both feet into the sand. The prints should be about 1/2inch to 2 inches deep. (If your child can’t press

down that hard, he can use his finger to dig down into the print, following its shape.)

Mix up the plaster, according to the directions on the package, so that it has a thick, creamy consistency. Pour

the wet plaster gently into the footprints.

After 20 to 25 minutes, gently dig the footprints out of the molds and brush away any excess sand. Set sole-side

up in the sun for about an hour to let harden.

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