color inspiration

Thinking of Italy…

These are the beautiful colors that well up, while finalizing our upcoming trip to Italy: the natural hues of blue combined with the rawness and pureness of wood and linen. Not completely sure though, if I associate those colors 100% with Italy, or simply with my sweet sister living there, who has a weakness for these hues. I’ll tell […]


The beauty of bad weather

After a serious temperature drop in our region yesterday,  magical icicles appeared overnight, covering all sprouting branches in the midst of Spring, with a sparkling layer of ice. I have never seen so many pictures of backyards on my social media walls as today, expressing the shock of it being so cold in Texas, closed schools, poor road conditions […]


Peacock colors

Already as a child I was intrigued and attracted by the way my mom sorted her clothes in her closet. Color coordinated as she is, she sorts her wardrobe by color family, going from dark colors to light. Color grouping not only makes it easier for her to coordinate outfits, because visually she can mix and match easier […]