City trip: Den Bosch

Gorgeous weather, friendly people, the architecture charming and authentic, quality of the stores surprising…last weekend in Den Bosch has been a wonderful experience. Definitely one of the best destinations for a (shopping) getaway in Holland.

I need way more time to check out this inspiring city but I already made a list of some hotspots to put on your list when planning a visit and would love to hear from you if you have nice places to add. Here’s what I found:

Stroll down the beautiful streets and visit some of Den Bosch’s interesting lifestyle stores:

#1 OAK for fashion and interior decoration in the Snellestraat

#2 VanDaan for nice accessories, books, gifts and gadgets in de Minderbroederstraat

#3 Koekwaus for original and unique gifts picked by two inspiring sisters who own this store

#4 Webshops Only in de Vugterstraat. A fascinating concept! This is a concept store, where web shop owners can rent shop space. Result? A store with a large variety of unique, often handmade products. They call it ‘life web shopping’…brilliant.

#5 YaYa in the Krullartstraat. My kind of store with pretty fashion basics in soft sandy colors and fabrics, combined with ‘nice to have’ interior accessories.

If you are more into fashion the Zoomers Fashion Store will make your heart skip a beat. More than 3000m2 of fashion and lifestyle. Absolutely worth the visit. This store will instantly give you the city vibes as if you are in an upmarket department store in London! There also is a luxurious grand café where you can have a drink or even a nice lunch or dinner after a long day: The Fashion Cafe 

If you are looking for a cozy spot for lunch, dinner or drinks outside, you definitely have to go check out one of those two charming streets: the Korenbrugstraat or the Korte Putstraat. They are both full off small restaurants and bars, both in the city center of Den Bosch, where you can sit outside, year round, thanks to the heated terraces. One of my favorite bars in the Korenbrugstraat is trendy wine bar Bottles & Bites and in the Korte Putstraat try Breton (where they serve small plates so you can try a variety of plates in one visit).

And last but not least, you have to promise me, you will try a ‘Bossche Bol’ before you go back home. You cannot leave Den Bosch before having tried this pastry, for which the city is famous. It’s a giant profiterole, filled with whipped cream and covered in rich dark chocolate. The best ones can be found at Jan de Groot. You’ll definitely notice the line up but it is worth the wait (if you don’t worry about calories)!

With love,

Myra Madeleine | chasing the sweet things in life

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