Indulge, life is sweet!



If your hair is done properly and you have on good shoes you can get away with anything – the American Business woman, interior designer and fashion icon Iris Apfel once said.

Having a big party coming up – already having the right shoes – but grey locks shining through, made me look for a hairstylist I could trust my hair to.

Enthusiastic posts on Facebook by one of my dear childhood friends led me straight to the wonderful salon Indulge… (never underestimate the power of social media. It might even bring Texan Dutchies to your business!)

During the elaborate intake by sweet passionate Lianne, to get a good understanding of my wishes and expectations, I already knew I made the right decision and that Indulge would become my hairdresser whenever home, far from home.

We decided on a soft layered look, keeping my length but framing my face, in natural brown shades. I got pampered in a relax chair while having my hair done by two magical hands with Tigi Hair Reborn products to boost and restore my weak and damaged hair. I got a perfect coffee with a hint of cinnamon which unexpectedly awoke my senses and got a perfect hair cut done with love, passion and precision.

They say hair stylists bring out the beauty in you and that is exactly what Lianne did as she came back and topped things off with blush and eye shadow from Dutch brand Superlooks!

When I looked at my reflection, feeling refreshed and indulged, I saw the confident, beautiful lady in me again.

Where are my shoes…!


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